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10 Reasons Why You Should Go to Guam for Your Family Vacation

Guam is a beautiful island with amazing beaches, delicious international cuisine, and the Globe, a multi-level dance club with a live DJ every night. So no surprise that many people think of Guam solely as an adult vacation spot.

Think again! Guam is the perfect vacation spot for the whole family. Yes, even if you have young children. The island is small; most everything you want to do will be close by, so no long drives. The weather is mild all year round, so Guam is the perfect destination for your kid’s winter vacation. And most importantly, there’s plenty to see and do, so you and you’re kids won’t get bored.

Not convinced yet? Here are 10 reasons why you should make Guam the destination of your next family vacation.

  1. Cultural Experiences

Chamorro Village is an outdoor mall in Hagatna that is open every day, but Wednesday evenings are special. From 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM the mall becomes an outdoor market with cultural dancing and cheap food, from $1 for a chicken or pork BBQ sticks and $2 for banana lumpia.

If you want to bring home special souvenirs, this is the time and place to buy them.

  1. Snorkeling

Always wanted to show you kids the wonders of underwater nature but live in a landlocked area? Then it’s time to go to Guam. Gun beach is just one great beach for snorkeling. But remember to bring beach shoes or diving booties to protect your feet from the corals.

  1. Submarine Tour

Atlantis Guam offers a unique opportunity for the whole family to view undersea life from inside a real submarine. This tour operates rain or shine, so don’t let weather stop you or your kids from enjoying a tour.

  1. Walk Underwater

Have kids that are a bit older and are worried they’ll be bored? Take them on a Sea Trek tour. This tour offers helmet diving, allowing you to walk underwater and see a protected marine area from outside a confining boat.

  1. The Ducks

No, I don’t mean the birds; I’m talking about the amphibious vehicles that go on land and in the water. Forget boring car rides all over the island, Kids love riding the ducks. And with tours in multiple languages, there’s no better way to take your family sightseeing.

  1. Magic

Guam is home to the only Las Vegas style magic show outside Las Vegas. Sandcastle Guam features a family friendly magic show, live tigers and amazing acrobats. Don’t want to have to figure out where to eat beforehand? That’s great; Sandcastle Guam has a dinner and show option. What’s not to love?

Through September 30, 2017 kids get in free if you book the show only option. If you prefer to do dinner and a show, kids get in for only $15.

  1. TaoTao Tasi Dinner Show

Accompanied by an all you can eat buffet; the TaoTao Tasi dinner show is a gorgeous spectacle. This special show features performances of ancient Chamorro warriors, dancers from the Tahiti Islands and Samoan fire dancers. It’s great entertainment for adults and kids and the buffet means even the pickiest eaters can find something they like.

Until the end of September children get in free with the show only plan and cost only $15 if you do dinner as well.

As a special bonus, there are Polynesian dance lessons offered to children at the show during dinner, also till the end of September.

  1. Dinner Cruise

Think dinner cruises are only for couples looking for some romance? Not true, the Big Sunset Dinner Cruise is perfect for families. Kids can enjoy fun fishing activities during the day, and possibly see some dolphins, and everyone can enjoy star-gazing away from the city lights at night.

  1. Food Choices

One of the best parts of vacation is eating out, but when you have kids you have to worry about what everyone will eat. The great thing about Guam is that there are so many choices. Whether you want tried and true American cuisine or to introduce your family to sushi, Guam is the place for it.

  1. Guam is amazing

There’s so much to see and do that this small list can’t incorporate all of it. So pack up your family and take them on an amazing trip they’ll remember forever.