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History of Guam

Primer on Chamorro History & Culture Pt. 2


Chamorro culture is unique in the pacific. They have their own myths and storytelling traditions. The Chamorro also have their own unique dancing and singing styles, different from other Polynesian cultures. So before you head for Guam, read up on the Chamorro culture with part two of this primer.   Storytelling Storytelling is the traditional…

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Primer on Chamorro History & Culture Pt. 1

BGTours Guam

The Chamorro, the indigenous people of Guam, have a history that isn’t widely known. And despite resurgence in interest, their culture is still not widely understood.  So before you visit Guam, brush up with part 1 of this primer. History The Chamorro are the indigenous people of Guam. Archaeological evidence shows that the Chamorro people,…

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